Module 6 - Activity 1 - Apply What You've Learned in a Learning Sequence

Activity 1: Apply what you’ve learned in this online course and create a learning sequence to use in class. 
Complete your Participant Booklet.

These are guiding sentences to help you.

    • Formulate your pedagogical intention for the next step which is to create a sequence of activities to use in class, integrating minimum 2 tools presented.
    • Plan a sequence or activity
    • Create a model for students

Plan your learning sequence

a) What do I want my students to learn? (learning intention, targeted competencies, knowledge, etc.) 

b) I chose to create a learning sequence using (minimum 2 tools):

c) When will I use these activity? 

d) What will I need to plan before doing these activities? (material, devices, class organization)?

e) What are the activities in my learning sequence?

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