Module 6 - Activity 1 - Apply What You've Learned in a Learning Sequence


Activity 1: Apply what you’ve learned in this online course and create a learning sequence to use in class. 
Complete your Participant Booklet.

These are guiding sentences to help you.

    • Formulate your pedagogical intention for the next step which is to create a sequence of activities to use in class, integrating minimum 2 tools presented.
    • Plan a sequence or activity
    • Create a model for students

Plan your learning sequence

a) What do I want my students to learn? (learning intention, targeted competencies, knowledge, etc.) 

b) I chose to create a learning sequence using (minimum 2 tools):

c) When will I use these activities? 

d) What will I need to plan before doing these activities? (material, devices, class organization)?

e) What are the activities in my learning sequence and what do students have to do in order to complete them?

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