Option 6: Checking for Understanding - Quizziz

Quizziz is used to create quizzes with multiple choice answers. 

1. Follow these steps to start exploring by completing a quiz.

    1. Choose a game on the Quizziz page. You don't need to create an account yet. When there's a prompt, click the link to skip for now. The option to modify quizzes is available when you create a free account which will be explained in module 4.
    2. Once you are on the quiz of your choice, select Solo Gamesolo game button.

    3. On the next page, select Start gamestart game logoto start playing individually.  Enjoy!

    4. On the Game Summary page, observe the statistics and how to review the answers of the flashcards.

    5. If you wish to explore more, find a new quiz and play again.

2Read information about Quizziz.

3. Watch a video from our series "Teachers and Students in Action".


4. After exploring the different resources, how would you use Quizziz with your students? Write your answer in your Participant Booklet.

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