Pedagogical Intention of this course

  • Explore pedagogical ideas to integrate technology into a learning sequence,
  • Create an activity that integrates digital technology.
    A short video introduces these intentions in the Before You Start module.

Targeted Audience

  • English as a Second Language Educators

Online course organization 

Many activities will have questions, reflections and moments to takes notes to help the learner advance in the course. You can choose to make a copy of a participant booklet or use the integrated participant booklet on each relevant pages in this course. If you wish to use the integrated version, you can access your notes and download a copy when you are done. 

Links with the QEP (Quebec Education Program)

This online course gives examples of activities that could be reinvested in all three competencies of the QEP for both elementary and secondary.

Link with the Digital Competency Framework

  • Dimension 2: Digital Resources for Learning
    • Learning to use new technologies to keep one’s digital skills up to date 
    • Mobilizing the technological skills required to use different software, digital platforms and applications in educational activities and everyday life
  • A picture representing the Digital Competency Framework

    Technical requirements

    • regular access to a computer with an internet connection
    • access to computers or devices with students
    • high speed internet is highly recommended
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