Option 5: Using Digital Flashcards - Quizlet

Quizlet can be used on any device. The paid version in not necessary for our teaching intentions. 

1. Explore the example of Quizlet. 

    • Flashcard set: Bullying Vocabulary
      • Explore the possible activities to study and learn vocabulary.

Quizlet activities

2. Watch this overview of Quizlet.

    • How to use Quizlet to teach English

3. Read about Quizlet.

4. Watch this video of a teacher and students in action.

This video was created in the USA. Your focus should be on observing the type of activities that can be done in class with students and how they react to using the tool. 


5. After exploring Quizlet, how would you use it with your students? Write your answer in your Participant Booklet.

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