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Canva is a tool that lets you create a variety of media texts such as various types of videos. Some School Service Centres offer the Canva class where you can collaborate with your students. Ask a resource person to check if it's available for you. A teacher can also ask for a free education account by completing the following form.

Before Using These Tools

Make sure that you are not sharing sensitive or personal information when students are creating and sharing their videos.

Seek parental consent before creating videos that include students.

1. Explore

Explore an example that was created with formerly Adobe Spark Video. The same idea can be done using the model video presentation in Canva. 

  • Explore this video from a teacher describing how she uses Adobe Cloud Express (models)
2. Watch a Video

Watch a video (4 min 12 s) from our series "Teachers and Students in Action". Again, focus on the pedagogical idea about using videos in the classroom. 

 4. Take Notes

Earn a Badge

If you wish to earn a badge for this module, you only need to write down the names and a short description of each of the 4 tools you have explored in this module. 

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