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Flip is a tool that allows teachers to post a topic or a question and have students respond in a video format. If enabled, students can watch other students' videos and respond by video or written text, allowing them to take part in a virtual discussion. Students can re-record themselves before submitting to the teacher and can add emojis, texts, stickers, drawings, or custom stickers.

Before Using This Tool

Flip requires teachers to ask for parental consent in order to use this tool with students in a classroom.  

Students can connect using their School Service Centre credentials (Microsoft or Google). 

Make sure that students don't share any personal information in their videos.  

1. Explore

Explore the interface. 

  1. Access an activity here: https://flipgrid.com/b266f79e
  2. Type the student ID : teacher1
  3. Read the instructions carefully and record your video response.
2. Watch a Video

Watch a video (3 min 32 s) from our series "Teachers and Students in Action".

The tool Recap was used in this activity. The same activity can be done with Flip.

 4. Take Notes

Earn a Badge

If you wish to earn a badge for this module, you only need to write down the names and a short description of each of the 4 tools you have explored in this module. 

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