Option 7: Creating Online Books/Comic Strips - Book Creator

Book Creator can be used on all devices.

1. Explore the tool with the example of the project on the Réseau Pédagonumérique website.

    • Access the project
    • Read the two different examples of a student's creation. 
        • The PDF version can be read on any PDF reader. 
        • The epub version can be read in the Apple Book Store or another epub reader. This option can have audio recordings.
    •  On the same project page, watch the video.
    • Analyze all the different resources available for this project;  teacher guide, student booklet and an example of a book created in Book Creator. *****

2. Read the online book about Book Creator.

3. Watch a video from our series "Teachers and Students in Action".


4. After exploring Book Creator how would you use it with your students? Write your answers in your Participant Booklet. 

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