Option 1: Using a Collaborative Word Wall - Padlet

1. Explore the different word walls (Padlets) created in various context and with different intentions.

    • Padlet 1: Brainstorm vocabulary and grammar
    • Padlet 2: Using the KWL to activate prior knowledge
    • Padlet 3: Building a collaborative wall with strong words to enhance texts
    • Padlet 4: Recap of tools presented during a facebook chat
    • Padlet 5: Ways to ways to use the entry ticket in your classroom
    • Padlet 6: Cycle 3 LES - Wacky Weather News Report: Links to websites for an activity
    • Padlet 7: Tools for a Reading Circle available to students
    • Padlet 8: Resources for various cycle 1 Learning and Evaluation Situations

2.  Watch a video from our series "Teachers and Students in Action".


3. Read these articles on Padlet.

4. After exploring and reading about Padlet, how would you use it with your students? Write your answer in your Participant Booklet. 

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