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    The intention of this online course is to present different ways to integrate ICTs to your learning activities. This course provides different examples and tutorials with free tools that can be used on all devices. You will also learn how to organize your classroom,  technological tools and activities according to your situation and needs. Integrating technology to your class does not have to be complex but it does need to suit the learning intentions.

    Module 1  : Observe your environment and identify all the resources available.
    Module 2 : Set learning intentions.
    Module 3 : Explore various technological tools.
    Module 4 : Try one of the tools you wish to integrate into your practice.

    Module 5 : Find out ways to organize your classroom and students when using technology.
    Module 6 : Plan a learning sequence and create material to use with students.
    Module 7 : Reflect on your process during this online course.

    After completing these modules, you will have a knowledge of various technological tools you could use in many learning contexts with students. After creating activities and trying them with students, you will reflect on your practice. If you wish to earn a badge, you will complete assignments in various activities and a course monitor will award them to you once all the conditions are met.

    *** Please note that this course is regularly updated, therefore, some tools suggested may vary between your visits. ***

  • 4. Try it Out!

    Duration: 2 hours
    Level of difficulty: beginner (after exploring the module 3 exploration)

    Go beyond the exploration of the tools with tutorials and examples of pedagogical uses. 

    Completing a challenge will help you understand how to navigate through a chosen tool and understand how to integrate it into your planning. 

    apply badge

    Apply Badge Opportunity
    Activity 3 of this module offers the choice to complete a task to earn a badge. 

    • View Go through the activity to the end
    • Module 4 - Activity 3 : Create an activity and and try it out! Assignment
      Restricted Not available unless: You are a(n) Participant
3. Explore Different Tools 5. Classroom and Material Organization