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Just started this course but...

Just started this course but...

by Lucie Tétreault -
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I am looking for help since I don’t know when I should send my notes (Participant Booklet). 

Should I send my work to Sandra and Nadia?

Thank you for the support!

Lucie Tétreault 

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Re: Just started this course but...

by Nadia Laurendeau -
Hello Lucie,

I sent you an email but here is some information that could be useful for others as well.

The way to share documents with us in this course is through the homework activities that are in:
Module 2 – activity 2
Module 3 – activity 4
Module 4 – activity 3
Module 6 – activity 2
Once they’ve been reviewed and it answers the task requirements, you are awarded a badge.