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"EdPuzzle is a free assessment-centered tool that allows teachers and students to create interactive online videos by embedding either open-ended or multiple-choice questions, audio notes, audio tracks, or comments on a video. Edpuzzle interactive videos can be made with videos from a number of websites, including YouTube, TED, Vimeo, and National Geographic."

Source: Online Tools for Teaching & LearningDesigned by students in EDUC 390D, 592A, & 692D at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Before Using This Tool

If you wish to use Edpuzzle with students under 13 years old, you need to ask for parental consent before they create a student account. If you only project the video, you don't need to ask for permission. 

Make sure you that the video you choose to use respects copyrights.  

1. Explore

Watch the video edited in Edpuzzle as an example. 

  1. Watch the video Bullying - You Can Stop It
  2. Answer the questions in Edpuzzle. If you use this tool with students without devices, you could provide them with a paper answer sheet to answer the different questions individually and discuss with peers afterward.
2. Watch a Video

Watch a video from our series "Teachers and Students in Action". (2 min 37 s)

3. Read Information

Read information about Edpuzzle.

 4. Takes Notes

Earn a Badge

If you wish to earn a badge for this module, you only need to write down the names and a short description of each of the 4 tools you have explored in this module. 

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