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Wooclap is an online user-friendly platform on which teachers can create questions to ask their students during an online or in-class lesson. Students can use any device to access the questions that could be teacher-paced or student-pace, depending on the intention of the lesson. Ask for a free teacher account by completing a form.

It is very easy to share the code with participants who join anonymously or with a username. There is a possible integration with Office 365 and Google Classroom. Keep traces of your student's work by downloading results. 

With this platform, teachers can create a variety of questions;
  • Multiple choice
  • Poll
  • Find on image
  • Rating
  • Open questions
  • Word cloud
  • Find a number
  • Matching
  • Prioritisation
  • Sorting
Here are great features of this platform:
  • "I'm confused "button to message the teacher during the activity.
  • Possibility to do it synchronous as well as asynchronous
  • A wall where students can write questions or messages that can be displayed or not by the teacher.
  • Possible competition mode.
  • Can add a question during an online session. 

    You can use Wooclap for different learning intentions:
    • Discussion prompts - Discussion warm-up
    • Conceptual understanding
    • Activate prior knowledge
    • Introduce a topic - Triggering a topic
    • Self-evaluation
    • Entry or Exit Ticket
    • Review instruction
    • Create anticipation 
    • Gauge in-class learning 
    • Just in Time Teaching (JiTT)
    • Quizzes (See questioning)
    Before Using This Tool

    If you wish to keep track of your students progress or answers, they can connect through the authentication system (Microsoft or Google) of your School Service Centre.

    It is always a good idea to inform parents how you are planning to use digital tools in the classroom.   


    Explore different functionalities of Wooclap by completing a quiz.

    • Access the Wooclap quiz and answer the different questions. 
    2. Watch a Video

    2. Watch a video (3 min 47 s) that explains a pedagogical way to use Wooclap. In this video, we present how to frontload vocabulary to prepare students to read.

    Take Notes

    Earn a Badge

    If you wish to earn a badge for this module, you only need to write down the names and a short description of each of the 4 tools you have explored in this module. 

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