storyboard is a type of graphic organizer that helps you plan the different sequences of your media product in the preproduction phase.  This tool is useful, perhaps necessary, when we want to add elements such as sound, music, images, etc. to a podcast. 

To complete it, you need to cut the narration into different sequences, identify the places called timecode where images and sounds will be integrated and describe in a few words the audio or visual you wish to include.  

This step helps you gain time when researching media elements in databases. 

An example of a completed storyboard.

5.1.1 Prepare your storyboard

Instruction: Plan your storyboard

Modality: Individual work

There are many models of storyboards you could choose from to plan your podcast. We invite you to plan you storyboard using one of the following model. You can create a copy of these models and adapt them to your needs. 

If you are producing an audio podcast, you don't need to complete the image column. If needed, you select an image (copyright free) representing the topic of your podcast.  

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