Presentation of the course


This online course is designed to guide you in the process of producing informative podcasts. After completing the course, you will be better equipped to support your students in creating quality podcasts in class. Six modules are offered with articles, videos, activities, examples, and pedagogical resources to help you complete the tasks.

Throughout this training, you will be invited to reflect, collaborate, create, experiment and share. Your contribution is valuable to the development of your competencies as well as others.


The online course is proposed in an asynchronous format with activities that are not constrained by a calendar, however, it would be recommended to collaborate with colleagues for some of them.

General Objective

Understand the podcast production process and pedagogical practices to bring students to create and share their production on the BaladoWeb platform hosted on the BAnQ website.

Success Criteria and Badge Opportunities

As you progress in the modules, you will be offered challenges you can decide to complete or not. You will establish your success criteria according to your needs. Badges will be awarded when you succeed in completing the associated challenges.

Approximate duration: 9 hours 

Here are the badges you could earn by completing assignments 

Consult the Badges page for more information. 

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