Before recording your podcast you need to consider a few elements: available material, the type of podcast you wish to produce (audio or enriched), the time you have, and available space to record your podcast and clientele.  

Instruction: Explore digital tools to record your podcast.
Modality: Individual work

5.2.1 Technological support

Not all schools are equipped with headsets and microphones. We invite you to contact your Local RÉCIT consultant or any other responsible person of technologies in your environment to verify if you can borrow the necessary equipment.  

Students can also be invited to bring their headsets (if they have one). You can even use your device's internal microphone, but the quality could be compromised.  

If your school wishes to purchase material, you can consult the following propositions with different prices and quality.  

5.2.2 Explore various digital tools for recording

Instruction:  Explore a digital tool of your choice
Modality: Individual work

Many tools can be used to record and edit your podcast. We will present various digital tools organized into different categories. Because you are now working on your final product, it is essential to choose a tool that will enable you to produce a podcast with great sound quality. Take the time to explore the different propositions and choose the tool that suits your needs.  


Available on computers - Download is necessary - No account needed

This software is usually installed and available in the different School service centers or school boards around the province and is widely used. 

It allows for the recording and editing of audio clips. The tool doesn't have a sound bank, so you will need to import the sound needed to create your opening signature and the outro. You can consult the proposed sound banks. 

How to create a podcast using the Audacity tutorial (21:31)  

BandLab Education 

Online application for computers, laptops and Chromebook. Account needed (13+ years old) to use this tool. To use it on mobile devices, use the browser and connect to your account. 

BandLab Education is an online application for teachers to create groups of students and invite them to join a class using a link.  This way, students' productions will be available in the same place. Teachers can then listen to, comment and send it back to students. The file can also be downloaded and shared on other platforms.  

Another advantage of this tool is the access to a sound bank and the possibility to copy and paste your script in the interface making it easier to record. 

How to do an Interview Podcast! (starts at 4:33 until 11:25)  

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

The online tool is also available on iPad, and iPhones under the name Adobe Spark Video.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an online suite of design and creation of short videos. 

To facilitate the production of the enriched podcast, the video tool is easy to learn and lets you create a quality product in a short amount of time. You need to add an image per slide and record the audio narration over it. A sound bank is also available. 

However, the chosen sound will be present throughout the podcast so have less control. Ideal for younger students. 

To use this digital tool:

  • Verify with the technical service or your Local RÉCIT counsellor if this suite is installed or can be installed on their server. This way, you will have access to the education suite and you will be able to connect with your CSS credentials.
  • If it's impossible to access this way, you will need to create an account. Students must be 13 and + to use it online.

Create videos with Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark) (starts at 6:25 until 12:22)    

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