Description of the Course


The goal of this online course is to have teachers explore how technology can enhance vocabulary building for students in and out of the classroom. At the end of this course, teachers will have experimented with different tools and will be ready to integrate a variety of different teaching strategies that involve technology and vocabulary building.

Target audience

Elementary and secondary teachers in English as a second language.

Timeline of the online course

This online course is designed with 5 modules that present ways to build vocabulary using technological tools in your classroom. You will learn about these tools by reading texts, viewing videos and trying to use them in various tasks.

Reflective Learning

Each module will start by having teachers reflect on their own teaching practice and have them make links to what is already done in the classroom. Building on their prior knowledge of vocabulary acquisition and their own teaching strategies, teachers will now reflect on the added value technology can bring to their students’ learning experience.  For each of the steps of the modules, teachers will reflect on their learning by filling it out forms that will then be emailed to them.

It is highly recommended that teachers share their reflection with colleagues who may be taking this course or share with their pedagogical consultants as they go through each module. Teachers could also decide to build on their reflection by creating a blog or video reflections to share on various platforms.

Technical requirements

  • regular access to a computer with an internet connection

  • high speed internet is highly recommended

  • access to computers or devices with students

  • an email address to complete the reflection questions and receive the answers.

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