You are almost there! Before you start recording your podcast, we invite you to listen to the video How to sound great (3:38) which will give you tips to improve your sound even if you are in a school with a lot of noise!

How to sound great (3:38) 



Transfer Badge Opportunity

The Transfer Badge is awarded to the learner who experiments with students in a learning sequence or activity that integrates the learning object and technology with a pedagogical intention. 

To earn this badge, you must share, for example, a student production, a photo or a video of the activity that was experimented in class. 

For more information, consult the Badge section

5.2.4 Steps to record and edit your podcast

Audio podcast

Steps to record your audio podcast using Audacity or BandLab Education. 

Use the software of your choice. 

  1. Record your podcast using your microphone. Edit the audio clip by removing all necessary parts (hesitations, silences, etc.).
  2. Insert your selected sound in a sound bank. Audacity doesn't have a sound bank, you will need to choose a sound in one of our suggested sound bank.
  3. Adjust the audio track to equilibrate the sound. 
  4. Export or download your podcast in Mp3. 

Enriched podcast

For the recording of an enriched podcast:

With Adobe Creative Cloud Express 

  1. Create a new video from scratch. 
  2. Add an image on a slide (according to your storyboard).
  3. Record the narration over each image. 
  4. Listen to each slide and record again if needed.
  5. Choose your music and adjust the volume.
  6. Save your podcast. 
  7. Share the video using a link or download the file. 

  8. You can also record you audio clip in Audacity or BandLab Education and add your images with software such as iMovie et Movie Maker.

Here are other resources that you can use to produce podcasts. 

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