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    This page is updated with the information about our virtual events.

    Find the links to join the events in this Campus RÉCIT webinar Calendar.

    There are two types of events offered:

    • Lunch Dates with the RÉCIT ESL (help with distance teaching)
    • Webinars (presentation, Q&A or workshop formats)

    Participation Badge for Webinars

    If you wish to earn a badge for participating in one of our webinars, find the event below and complete the homework. We will analyze your request as soon as possible. There are no badges offered during Lunch Dates.

    Badge RÉCIT ESL Events

    Enjoy learning with us!

    The RÉCIT ESL Team
    Dianne Elizabeth, Martin, Nadia, Sandra

    Visit our Service national du RÉCIT, domaine des langues website to find resources and other professional development.

  • Find Out Where You Can Find RÉCIT's Activities and LESs

    • Demandez le badge de participation au webinaire «ESL - Find Out Where You Can Find RÉCIT's Activities and LESs» Assignment
      Restricted Not available unless: You are a(n) Participant
Special Activities Presentations - December 14, 2020 Fun, Interactive, and hybrid teaching!